Our Services:

1- Water Network:

  • Water network to feed the entire sector, with pipes of different diameters ranging from 100 mm up to 450 mm. Every facility has its own water outlet.

  • Water pumping station with a capacity of 11,000 m3 per day, with (3) ground reservoirs, including one reservoir for firefighting.

  • Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 900 m3 per day, for the disposal and processing of wastewater, so as to be used for agricultural activities.

    2- Electricity Network:

  • Electricity network to feed all facilities in the sector, with a capacity of 20 MW, There are also:

    • Medium voltage network

    • Low voltage network
  • Lightning network, with 12 up to 16 meter-high lampposts.
  • Power distributor with a capacity of 20 MW.

3- Administrative Building:

  • A 2000 m 2 circular area (three floors).
  • Administrative offices of different areas; 20 m 2 up to 100 m2.
  • Halls of various areas; 120 m2 up to 170 m2.

4- the Conference Hall:

  • The conference hall is of an area
     of 270 m2.
  • Equipped with 137 seats, as well as other 6 seats on the main platform.
  • Central air-conditioning unit.
  • 4*6 power-controllable display.
  • 728*10260 resolution data show projector.
  • 6 channel beamer.
  • 12/24 channel control unit.
  • Digital infrared interpretation system.
  • Curtains and lighting equipped theatre.

5- Housing Units:

  • The project of housing units consists of 10 buildings, each with five floors, with 3 apartments on each floor. These apartments are of the following areas:

    • 125 m 2 (2 rooms + sitting + 2 bathrooms + Office room)

    • 145 m 2 (3 rooms + sitting + 2 bathrooms + Office room)

 Housing Unit Features:

  • Every unit has two luxurious bathrooms equipped with Ideal Standard sanitary bathroom fittings.
  • Windows are equipped with fine and strong aluminum sections.
  • High-class electrical finishing.
  • Every apartment has several balconies
  • Central satellite receivers, telephone networks, modern firefighting systems conforming to the requirements of the Civil Protection Authority.
  • Every building is equipped with a water reservoir to be used during any water outages.
  • Marble stairs and entrances.
  • Building entrance doors are of aluminum and reinforced glass.
  • Multi-purpose basements (can be used as gyms, dining halls, laundries).
  • Every building has two (main and secondary) water pumps.
  • High-quality moisture- and-sun-proof finished facades.

Project’s Facilities:

  • Internal and external green areas.
  • 24/7 available maintenance team.
  • Security and violation removal services companies.
  • All services are available, such as mosques, parking areas, main facilities, and so on.

    6- ​Other Services:

  •  Road Network: The network of spreads throughout the entire sector. This network has been fully structured in accordance with the international road standards, with main roads of 60 meters in width.

  • Telephone Network: The third sector is fully equipped with a telephone network to serve the entire sector and investors in the region, providing all modem Internet and telecommunication services

  •  Sewage Network: The entire sector is provided with a sewage network, with pipes of various diameters ranging from 150 mm up to 1000 mm.
  • Residential buildings + managerial building
  • 4 stars hotel managed by SWISS IN
  • Entertaining zone
  • Services zone (restaurants, supermarkets. Banks services ...,)

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