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For Selling

The Egyptian-Chinese Joint Investment Company is considered the most important industrial developer in the economic zone in the northwest of the Gulf of Suez for its long history full of achievements, which began in 1998, through which it succeeded in developing and managing an area of 6.5 km2 and attracting many local and international investments, which had an impact on the development of these The region in particular and contribute to advancing the economic development of the Egyptian state in general.

Available Areas' Specifications for Selling:

Miscellaneous areas from 2000 to 200000 m2, with a competitive price, divided as follows:

  •  Medical preparations manufacturing
  •  Construction material manufacturing
  •  Foodstuff manufacturing
  •  Textiles and clothes manufacturing
  •  Logistics Services

For Lease

The Egyptian-Chinese joint investment company succeeded in obtaining an area of 1.25 km2 in the northwest of the Gulf of Suez from the General Economic Authority of the Suez Canal under the usufruct system for a period of 50 years during 2017. The Egyptian-Chinese joint investment company completed all the infrastructure works for an area of 1.25 km2 under the usufruct system In the middle of 2020, it is offered to all investors to set up their industrial, commercial, and service projects.

Available Areas' Specifications For lease:-

Miscellaneous areas from 10000 to 200000 m2, with a competitive price, are divided as follows:

  •  Medical preparations manufacturing, with an area of 158505.8 M2.
  •  Construction material manufacturing, with an area of 1998800.9 M2.
  •  Foodstuff manufacturing, with an area of 199369.6 M2.
  •  Textiles and clothes manufacturing, with an area of 156682.3 M2.
  •  Logistics Services, with an area of 58890.9 M2.

Our Own Facilities:

Water Network:

  • Water network to feed the entire sector, with pipes of different diameters ranging from 100 mm up to 450 mm. Every facility has its own water outlet.
  • Water pumping station with a capacity of 11,000 m 3 per day, with (3) ground reservoirs, including one reservoir for firefighting.
  • Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 900 m 3 per day, for the disposal and processing of wastewater, so as to be used for agricultural activities.

Electricity Network:

  • Electricity network to feed all facilities in the sector, with a capacity of 20 MW, There are also:
  •  Medium voltage network
  •  Low voltage network
  • Lightning network, with 12 up to 16 meter-high lampposts.
  • Power distributor with a capacity of 20 MW.

Other Services:

  • Road Network: The network spreads throughout the entire sector. This network has been fully structured in accordance with the international road standards, with main roads of 60 meters in width.
  • Telephone Network: The third sector is fully equipped with a telephone network to serve the entire sector and investors in the region, providing all modern Internet and telecommunication services
  • Sewage Network: The entire sector is provided with a sewage network, with pipes of various diameters ranging from 150 mm up to 1000 mm.
  • Residential buildings + managerial building
  • 4 stars hotel managed by SWISS IN
  • Entertaining zone
  • Services zone (restaurants, supermarkets. Banks services ….)

Why THE EGYPTIAN CHINESE is the best industrial developer?

First: Remarkable location of the Project

1- Close location to Sokhna New Port, which is deemed as the best port in the Middle East, managed by DP World, with accessibility to the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

2- Strategic location at major ways of international trade and in the certain area of international navigation lines.

3- 120 Km far from Cairo southeast, 45 Km away from Suez south, and 40 Km distant from New Administrative Capital.

4- Close location to Public Authority of SCZONE and benefit from Single window system in performing all legal proceedings and acquiring all necessary licenses to carry out your project.

Second: Merits and Investment Incentives:

1- Benefit from merits of New Investment Law No. 72 and incredible investment incentives thereof that could reach to exemption from 50% of Capital investment of taxable income.

2- Benefit from merits of SCZONE, under Law No. 83, of exemptions and merits by affiliating with Public Authority of SCZONE that exempt you from custom duties once importing any equipment and major production lines related to your project, in addition to all raw material to be operated and re-exported again.

3- The Egyptian Chinese J.V. Company for Investment deal with the Public Authority of SCZONE to acquire the approval of the project performance through furnishing a file to the authority including all necessary documents for such project, and carry out all other approvals and licenses on behalf of its customers without any bureaucracy or project interruption.

Third: Other Services Available inside The Project:

1- Designing and executing all utilities according to international standards under the supervision of Sabbour Consulting Company.

2- There is an international entertainment area;

3- four-star tourist hotel managed by Swiss In

4- Dwelling units with various areas (Super lux finishing);

5- Administrative units, fully prepared and with such various areas. Besides, the conference hall is fitted with a standard sound system.

6- Green areas, inside and outside, with an area reaching 48775.7 M2.

To inquire about industrial lands (sale - usufruct), please fill out the form below so that we can communicate with you through the competent marketing department, or you can contact the marketing department directly through the following numbers:- 01277743821 - 01277743820


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